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Hacked By ItsZikter

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Poop Happens! Does it really matter? | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Poop Happens! Does it really matter?

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. -John Wooden

It’s true! Do you want to know the secret that makes it true?
It’s quite simple, they have what I call “The Proper Perspective!” Those who posses this secret understand and know that there are things that they have control over, so they make decisions accordingly. They know there are things they don’t have control over, so they make decisions accordingly. Then regardless of the outcome, they find the best possible way to maximize the outcome to their advantage.

I know you’ve heard the sayings “the glass is half empty” or “the glass is half full”. Sure either one could be positive, it depends on the individual. Typically, the person who says that the glass is “half full”, in my opinion is looking to the positive side of things.

They take a mindset that says, I have something to work with. I am not losing. I have not lost. There is something available and with that “something”, I am going to build. I am going to make a way and discover what there is to be lived! Personally, this is the way I am wired. It’s half full, what can we do with it.

The other side of the coin is that the glass is “half empty”. That’s the pessimistic view of things…..or is it? Yes, in fact it’s usually true that one that tends to think negative will say that it’s “half empty” and therefore we should not do anything. We should just save what’s left. However, I know that there are also those who see it as “half empty”, but for them it creates a new opportunity. An opportunity to envision, expand and expound. So you see, there can be a positive side to pretty much anything.

ULTIMATELY, we need to evolve beyond both views, to a shared reality of “Neo”….

“there is no spoon” (the Matrix,1999)

You see, once we adopt the view of “there is no spoon,” then we will conclude, “there is no glass”, and we can create whatever we want out of nothing.

Just think. The glass represents what’s in front of you, whether or not you see it full or empty is irrelevant. Neo challenges us to think about the space that’s all around the glass. There is so much more space and opportunity, outside and around the glass, that the glass itself is irrelevant.

Life happens. It does. It always has. It always will.
Adjust yourself so that regardless of what’s happening, you create the life you want to live.

There is no spoon.
That’s the Proper Perspective!

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