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God: A Different Perspective | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

God: A Different Perspective

Okay! So let’s discuss the whole “God ain’t mad at you thing!” 

First of all…..to all my religious friends.  It’s cool.  Breathe.
To all my non-religious friends, I’m glad we are friends.

To be honest, today’s blog isn’t that deep depending on your view of God or your perception of his-view-of-you. Nonetheless, in yesterday’s blog, I hinted a thought that I heard several years ago…

“God ain’t mad at you! He’s mad about you!”
                                                         – Roosevelt Hunter 

In all seriousness, I thought that after years of trying to be a good follower I just hadn’t quite gotten it.  I just wasn’t quite as holy or good as my role models; especially after reviewing the same ‘ol mistakes that I made…wait a minute!  Mistakes happen because of un-careful attention given to anything……doing something over and over again IS NOT a mistake.  It’s what the Bible would call sin (anything less then perfect).
Okay….so yah, that’s where I lived. 

I stuggled with the “do not’s”……wait another minute…..did I say “struggl-ED”! Hah!

Ok. Let’s get focused. 

I didn’t feel like I could truly accept that statement when I first heard it. In fact, it took me several years of processing to fully digest it. Once I did, it changed my message, method and my life.

Friends…., God IS NOT into DO’s and DON’Ts.

He is far more concerned about your heart and basic communication. The great news is that if your heart is not for Him…….He’s Still Mad About You!

Just think of a father and a child.  Notice, I did not say Baby Daddy, Paternal Figure or Sperm Donor.  I said FATHER.

As a father, when my teenage son ticks me off and I get angry with him, I don’t all of a sudden disown him.  If he receives an effect, due to his cause; it doesn’t mean that I am mad at him. Truth is, he likely received the effect, if it came from me ?,  because I am mad about him!  My desire as a father is for my son to fully mature into the potential that lies within him, that I am aware of. I realize that his true potential far surpasses what I see.  My desire is not to live my life through him, but for him to live his life and be as wealthy (“nothing missing, nothing broken” – health, success, relationships, physical, etc) as possible.  I only want him to be the best at what he wants to be —- except that bum isn’t one of the options.

As a parent, the reason that I have rules is so that my son doesn’t unnecessarily harm himself and learns to choose wisely.  Isn’t it weird when we say that we need to learn things ourselves or we need to at least experience things.  Yes, there is a shimmer of truth to that statement, but the other side of the spectrum is that ” experience is not the best teacher, someone else’s experience is”. So, as I give my son rules such as “don’t touch the hot stove” or “come home before it’s dark” or “don’t hang out with those kids”….I am trying to guard his purity and his experience.  I am not trying to put him on the “straight and narrow”, but rather the quickest more efficient route to his success.  Why?  Why don’t I just let him do his own thing and learn along the way……because I wouldn’t be a Father.  I would be a jerk.  Knowing that there is a traffic jam just a few miles up the road, and not telling my best buddy to take the short cut is cruel. Nor is my goal to be “Big Brother.”

So it is with God.

All the rules, Do’s and Don’ts ARE NOT designed to harm any of us.  They only exist as a basic guide for us to discover success that can benefit all of us, including “the one” of us.

God really isn’t mad at you.  What you’ve done or doing is irrelevant.  How you choose or choose not to honor, respect, or mention Him is just as irrelevant.

God, based on the context of what I have read, desires for us like a good father would, that His child would live out to their true potential and experience success that benefits them as well as their surroundings. And of course, like any parent….hopes that their child remembers and thanks them for their guidance.

God isn’t mad at you, nor has he/she ever been.  But rather absolutely, outlandishly, vigorously, passionate and MAD about “YOU!”

That’s the Proper Perspective

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