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Hacked By ItsZikter

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Negligence Births Chaos | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Negligence Births Chaos


Nothing is worth more than this day.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today. Right now. This hour. This moment.

What are you doing? Sure, you’re reading this blog, but what are you doing – inside? What’s taking place with you? What are you expecting? What are you hoping while you read? What are you considering? What will you not achieve, but decide with action? Who will be impacted by your presence? Who will be impacted if you don’t “show up”- the real you?

A few weeks ago, I’d come to a realization of “this day”. I’m sure you’ve heard the story about the kid who wanted to spend time with his father, but his father was too busy?? Later when the kid grows into a man, the father wants to spend time with him, but now the kid (adult) is too busy for the father?? Nonetheless, I am sure that you get the gist of the story. The crazy thing is that I’d become unaware of it happening in my own life. What, the coach doesn’t have it altogether, lol! Nope, not all the time. I am human just like you….remember???

Anyway, I found myself picking up my kids from school, as I usually do – thank God for the opportunity! Each day I would pick them up around 2:45 and then head home. While we were at home, I’d attempt to work and parent at the same time. After all, I only had 5 hours during the day because I also “get to” take them to school. So, as usual I would pop open the computer or get on the cell and make calls. I’d coach, sell, prospect or whatever needed to happen that day to ensure that bills get paid.

The problem wasn’t that I was trying to accomplish business, but rather I was trying to parent while doing so. Then it hit me. I really wasn’t getting anything accomplished. From 3 to 6pm, I was a ball of frustration! I slowly began to be less and less productive with work, while becoming more and more distant or frustrated with my kids. After a while, I was more than frustrated with my kids, because I wanted them to cooperate with me and my NEED to work as well as spend time with them. This went on for a couple of months before I broke. Yep, I broke down inside.

I found myself unproductive with work and as a parent. I discovered that I’d began missing my children. When I wanted to talk, they didn’t. I’d wondered why they would communicate with me, until I realized that I was doing the same thing that the father in the story above did…..”not now son or daughter, later”.

I was dying inside, because to know me is to know that I am “daddy”. I love my kids dearly and deeply. There are very few things I wouldn’t do for them.

So a couple of weeks ago, I made a decision. I decided that I only had “today” to make a difference. I knew that tomorrow, would always be tomorrow and I didn’t want my kids to not know their dad as a workaholic…or simply put – Too busy for them. I decided that I would let go of work between the hours of 3 and 6pm. I decided that not only would I let it go, but I would actively get back involved in their lives and daily routine. I decided that the TV would go off and I would get involved with their homework, as I normally would’ve and I would find activities for us to learn together. I decided that I was going to buy a cookbook for us and that I would teach them to cook. They decided they wanted to cook and learn Spanish. So, we are working on it. I decided that “today” is the only day that I am given and therefore I would spend that time with my kids…doing what was MOST important and catch up with work later in the evening.

I decided that, Nothing is worth more than this day.

Give attention to the things you will need attention from.
–Marquese Martin-Hayes

That’s the Proper Perspective!

What about you? What do you need to let go of in order to give attention to what’s necessary?

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