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Hacked By ItsZikter

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It Must Not Be BIG Enough… | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

It Must Not Be BIG Enough…

If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count!
                                                                -Dexter Yager  

I read a quote today that took me back to my youth!  That statement by Dexter is one that stirs me!  Have you ever thought about your dreams….

I don’t mean the kooky ones that cause you to go get Dream Books and stuff like that. I mean has it ever crossed your mind that your dreams critical to your success.  The dreams you have to be Great in whatever area of life you deem important. Whether its your relationships or your finances…..what’s your dream!?

You might say, Marquese I am too old, or it’s just too late

Well, according to Dexter, the problem might be that your Dream isn’t big enough.  You see when your dream is big enough you can sabotage your life in ways that cause you to move toward your dreams.  

Today, I was wondering what to do about some things that I need to see happen, yesterday.  I’d gotten frustrated with myself and the timeline.  I knew that I needed to focus, but I was feeling unhappy about the progress.  

I kept telling myself that it would get better, and I knew it would, but the problem was -  WHEN? When is it going to get better? My problem is what to do between now and that point. I’d been reading various quotes and things to inspire myself, but to no avail.

It just dawned on me this afternoon when  I read that quote on my friends profile.   I’d stop focusing on my Dream. I’d absorbed enough reality to clog my system! Lol! In my book, “MondayAgain?!” I talk about that very thing.  Keeping our mind clear of the pollution of life is our challenge.  Life is neutral, it brings whatever comes with the wind, often unwanted challenges.  However, if I keep my heart focused then regardless of what comes, it can’t hinder me.

Napolen Hill once said this when a doctor told him that there was nothing he could do in to help his young son whom couldn’t hear.  Dr. Hill said,”Doctor you are wrong, there is something I can do, even if it’s simply adjusting my life to an unpleasant situation so that it doesn’t have a negative effect upon me.”

dream again.

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