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GROWTH: It’s easy as grass (pt 2) | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

GROWTH: It’s easy as grass (pt 2)

“When spring comes the grass grows by itself.”

                                                    -    Tao Te Ching


Part 2

Last year we began with this discussion.  Our focus is to take simple steps using the metaphor of “growing grass” to accomplish our goals and dreams.

SECOND: Healthy Nutrients

Just as grass needs nutrients and fertilizer your body needs NUTRIENTS as well.  Nutrients are defined as A nourishing ingredient in food that causes growth, development or good health.

In my book, ”MondayAgain?!”, I discuss Superfoods! 

Who was your favorite Super Hero?  Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Charlie’s Angels or was it Super Fly?

Remember how they each possessed a Super Power! It didn’t matter who the character was, it was their super power that made them so wonderful!  My favorite was Popeye!  Yes, I enjoyed the others too, but Popeye was just a good ol character.  He was simple and lived everyday life.  Whenever his lovely (smile) Olive Oyl was in trouble he was there to protect her – after he’d eat his Spinach!

This is a silly story but the truth is that plants need nutrients to survive the storms, bugs and environment. We are the same.  We need nutrients to continually help us ward off the germs and pollutants that exist all around us as well.  Did you know that Super foods can also help control mood swings?

It’s not enough to have an apple a day.  Did you know that cooked foods actually kill the nutrients they’d normally have in their raw form?  A cup of carrots in their “raw” form contain 686% of your daily need of Vitamin A.  Vitamin A helps protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer and also promote good vision, especially night vision (see whfoods.com)  

So, if you kill the nutrients by cooking your food, how much nourishment are you actually getting?

I know, I know, taste matters.

The truth is that your taste buds can be changed!  Literally, you may not enjoy a raw carrot or a celery stick, but if you begin to program your mind to understand the value that it adds to your system (by studying and journaling the changes), then you can take a fresh carrot and consume it as if it were your favorite dessert!  In Tony Robbins book, “Unlimited Power”, he discusses the ability that we have to transform our modalities.  What we perceive something to be will make all the difference in the world!  

The type of foods we eat directly impact the outcome of our physical, mental and physiological states. I know it feels good to eat fried chicken, but once that grease kicks in – it no longer feels so good??

Superfoods give us the natural nutrients we need to not only survive, but also thrive! At times, they may cost us a little bit more to purchase, but their results far outweigh medical bills and prescription medicines later in life. 

Here’s an example.  When we are tired but need to stay up late, as Americans we tend to do what…..purchase an energy drink or buy coffee!  Why those options may help you, try eating Almonds.  They are very high in vitamin b12 and have natural enhancers that help keep you alert and your mind clear!  Keeping a clear head is just as important as being awake! (http://www.dietdetective.com/content/view/2982/158/)

Friends.  We will grow, live and experience life.  The question is will you enjoy the process?

Here’s something that I use to help me win my battle against taste.  I often say 

“Food is not for entertainment, it’s for nourishment”

That’s The Proper Perspective!

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