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Hacked By ItsZikter

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Why I’m generally happy… | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Why I’m generally happy…

Recently I was asked where do I get my energy from….here’s what I replied.

Marquese Martin-Hayes For the first time in my life I think I can take a stab at and answer to this question…. From my mind and passion for living. At some point I learned that I get to choose…and if I do it’s my choice, but if I don’t its still a reflection of my choice. Therefore ….. :)I choose.

Q. Then I was asked how do I control where I get that energy from…

A. I think my diet, exercise routine and reading makes all the difference in the world. Without them intact I’ve found my life to be a lot more difficult.

Here are some of what I think the benefits of having those three intact are:

Raw Nutrition – gives my body living foods that get to my bloodstream faster so that I can respond with alert and available energy more frequently.  It keeps alkalinity in my blood so that I’m not aggravated by toxins and unnecessary pains; not always of course, but in general. I also generally don’t feel sleepy or sluggish unless I just haven’t rested.

Running or any aerobic, endorphin creating exercise keeps the dopamine in tact. It releases the chemicals that make me feel more aware, alert, and active. Literally I tend to feel better and happier after runs or working out. I also like that I look better and therefore I feel better as well.
Reading… keeps my mind sharp. Unfortunately I usually only read books about fitness, nutrition, leadership or motivation but they help my attitude. I know that as my attitude goes, so I go. I greatly dislike, hate, feeling bad or limited in my options. I’ve found that the more I understand (about life in general, including people) the more likely I can process a situation which gives me a sense of comfort and possibly slight control (over my choices)

I try very hard not to stress over things I can’t change. I also do my best not to (attempt to) change anyone else because its futile and all I do is frustrate myself…which sucks, lol.
I also try to give back and draw upon the universe for insight and inspiration to keep myself encouraged. They say that whatever you think about you bring about. I’m trying to bring light into the world and so I do my best to keep my ear to ground on good things.
Oh yah… I also intentionally avoid gossip… it drives me bonkers. I have enough issues and goals I want to accomplish, so I don’t want to hear someone talk about another persons issues and flaws. That’s not the same as them (someone) needing and ear from me.

Hope that helps! Be happy…we only live once, that we know of.

Marquese Martin-Hayes:)

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