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Hacked By ItsZikter

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Look for the Possibilities | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Look for the Possibilities

Look for the POSSIBILITY in every moment…Choose the one that feels the best, then GO!! Anything and everything else are excuses that won’t benefit anyone including you.

All of us have Possibilities.

Its nothing more than a choice that each of us get to make on a moment by moment basis. Literally to say that something is not possible or we don’t have options is not the truth. Yet every day many of us act is if our choices are limited and we don’t have any options. Most of us do the same thing everyday over and over and over again. Its no wonder children don’t want to grow up and be like their parents?! After all the only thing they displayed was the same thing day after day.

What about you and your possibilities? What’s keeping you from your dream? Is it what you’d call  “being responsible”?  What does that mean anyway? Having a job, family, friends and community obligations are not justifiable reasons for not living our your passions and desires.  What’s the real reason you won’t go for it? Are you afraid? You don’t know how? What is it?

Whatever it is that’s holding you back….FIND A WAY to break free! Everyday you get to choose your actions. Sure there are consequences and benefits for that matter.  However you choose and there are no excuses. Would you rather exist with the consequence of always being what someone else needs you to be or the android of your company on autopilot?  Or would you rather find a way to discover something that may ignite your entire being and cause life to flow out of you like it never has?! It may create the life you’ve always wanted or simply rejuvenate the life you are currently living?  There’s something about moving past fear and doing something the first time that gives you energy and insight that you couldn’t and wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t launched out into the unknown but possible.

Do your homework, find out who’s done it, find out how you can minimize your risks, but darn it ~Do It!!! Go after Your Life! You only live once that anyone can prove!


Tim Ferriss..is an expert at Lifestyle Design and making the impossible, POSSIBLE! Look him up at http://www.timferriss.com/index.html

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