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Hacked By ItsZikter

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You can live from your BEing instead of your DOing! | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

You can live from your BEing instead of your DOing!

Mondays tend to awaken a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

Monday is the report to duty day, the start of business, the “back to normal” indicator. For some of us its exciting and others not so much. Either way it somehow ignites a sense of focus that requires of you tasks and responsibilities. From getting out of bed early to ensuring that you are prepared for the morning meeting. From a bus and train commute to rush hour traffic. In any instance it produces a sincere focus that’s capable of making you do many things you’d rather avoid.

What if, just what if you harnessed that focus inclusive of your life’s purpose? Beyond your career and responsibilities and rather from a place of your “sensibilities.”

Yes…there are a set of senses within you outside of your normal day to day “droid” mode.

We all have a “sense”, a sense of where we belong and who we really are.  A sense that if lived, it would reflect your highest offering to the Universe. What would that look like? Whether its starting work at 10am instead of 8am or working for yourself versus someone else.  That space would compel you to willingly offer who you are versus the polar opposite of obligations. A space that would fulfill you as well as provide usefulness for others. What would happen if you lived inclusive of that “sense” of being and offering?

I know that many of us would love a schedule or career change. Both are possible. More importantly, living from that “space” is a choice. A choice to live from who you are instead of living as a drone. That mental space comes through meditation, evaluation, education and stimulation celebration.

  • Celebration of who you are, where you are and what you are capable of.
  • Educating yourself in the areas of interest and obligation.
  • Evaluating yourself against….yourself and not others.
  • Meditating to slow life down and see it with your Spirit vs your natural eye.

All of those disciplines stir your BEing and breed Peace.

Make today Magnificent by offering from your BEing instead of your DOing!

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