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Hacked By ItsZikter

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Life Is Good! …our results-driven program! AVAILABLE NOW! | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Life Is Good! …our results-driven program! AVAILABLE NOW!

The 30 Day Tracks Include

  • One hour coaching session
  • 3 – 15 minute coaching sessions (succeeding weeks)
  • 30 days of unlimited email
  • 15% off all product for next 60 days
  • Copy of the book MondayAgain?! (mp3, ebook, or print)
  • In-depth insights and review of our podcasts

Choose one of 3 LIFE changing tracks (or all)

TRACK One: Health

  • Virtual fitness assessment & improvement plan
  • Weight loss & control
  • Nutritional eating vs. meals
  • RAW food inquiry

TRACK Two: Heart

  • How to reignite passion in your life
  • Improve relationships and build a healthy family
  • Rediscover your dreams and live them
  • Thrive in the work place

TRACK Three: Hopes

  • Discovering your life’s mission
  • How to live your passion
  • Actualize your goals
  • Vision boarding

The complete program is Valued over $840

If you order by September 1st (limited early adopters rate)

$237 per track  ($43 savings)    OR    $687 for All 3 tracks ($153 savings)

Secure your slot NOW!

facebook MySpace OR email  Ask@AskMrMonday.com OR call 773.865.0307

OR Simply Order NOW

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