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Things that Move Me | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Things that Move Me

When it comes to life and living, there are a few things that move me:

  • the magnificence of a human in motion
  • the energy of a person
  • the spiritual awareness of the person
  • what makes a person smile
  • what makes them live

Humans In Motion. Whether its singing, soccer or sword fighting…and ok, Salsa Dancing, I enjoy watching the coordination and tonality and beauty of being.  We are each magnificent in our own right. Each us hold something so beautiful that can only be projected by oneself.  Without that projection of one being WHO they are, in the moment in which they are, robs mankind and the earth of its greatest expression of deity- creation.

Energy of A Person. It is pretty easy to tell several things about a person as they sit, walk by or exist right in front of you or at a distance.  Have you ever wondered why someone would carry so much stress in their face when the sun isn’t shining in their eyes? Really, think about it.  Maybe you don’t but I do.  I wonder what they may be thinking and feeling that’s bringing about the expression…. Could it be indigestion? Loss of a love one? Pain in their joints? I wonder the same about someone who is smiling and seemingly excited about their moment. Did they receive a good news? Or are they simply happy people? Perhaps they have a horrible diet and just don’t know any better.  Dieting is critical to our physiology. Our lives would be forever expanding in goodness if we just ate foods in their natural life-giving state.

Spiritual Awareness. How many of us are really in the moment? Seriously.  In the moment and the spirit of opportunity for life to burst among us?  When someone isn’t aware its pretty obvious, we see people walk pass one another everyday all day.  Believe me , that’s NOT NORMAL.  Think about it….animals always interact, its a normal response when they are not alone.  Consider what could happen if you really took time to actually listen to someone or ask a question that was sincerely engaging and actually listen for their response.  Ok, maybe not just listen, but “actively listening”, allowing them to express themselves.  What might you discover?  We often relate spiritual awareness to God, well yes that’s a part of it.  However it’s very important to note that religion is not God.

Makes Them Smile. Well, what makes you smile?  How often do you smile?  How do you feel inside when you smile? What thoughts are going through your head when you smile? When you are smiling how’s your posture?  Is it possible that we all smile for common things? Think of you someone with whom you share a relationship, what makes them smile?  Given reasonable circumstances would you smile for the very same thing? If yawning is contagious, could smiling be as well? Since you know what makes you smile do more often.

Live vs. Exist. Are you living or merely existing? What makes you live? What creates vitality and life inside you? What would you jump out of bed to do? What would you do for free? What would you pay someone else to allow you to do? Did you know that you have a choice.  Literally everyday you have a choice. I know, I know….if I choose to do what I want to do, then I may lose what I have in stability.  LADIES and GENTLEMAN what you think you have in stability is really instability! To merely keep comfort is to lie and wait for the undertaker to take you…. GEEZ! If you are gonna die anyway, why not live when you are supposed to be LIVING!

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