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Worth Dying For. | Marquese Martin-Hayes | MondayAgain?! | Mr. Monday

Worth Dying For.


Some things in life are worth dying for, living, is one of them.
-Erwin McManus

I heard this quote the other day! It galvanized my being! All I could think about was eliminating excuses! Removing barriers from my coaching, my family, my future, my friends, my wealth, my health, my ideas, my religion – MY LIFE!!

So, whether or not that statement moved you, determines how you perceived it!

Read it again – out loud….with deep consideration for each phrase.

Some things in life—– are WORTH DYING for———–, LIVING, is one of them.


What did you think? What did you feel when you read it?
What thoughts flooded your heart?

One of my advertisements states…..Are you living or merely existing?

You see today’s quote should force to you take a look and find out what you are doing. To reassess what you are living for. What drives you or what are you driving and why? Why do you do what you do? Why do you work where you work? Why are you connected with whom you are connected?

So many of us are just existing, or according to the quote – dying! You see life is what you make it. If you are not making it, then it’s happening to you. I lived for years making & creating the life I wanted, but somewhere along the way, I’d began to believe the lie that I was stuck. Not for life, but for choices that I’d made along the way, I thought that my life had to come to a halt in several areas. The truth is that I bought into the life of others and what they experienced as life and for whatever illogical & irrational reason; I bought into their glass limited exposure.

Then one day it hit me.


You see my grandfather, Moses, only had a 6th grade formal education. However, he’d taught himself through lots of reading and received several certificates for his knowledge, including the opportunity to be hired by the FBI! He had owned several properties (10-15) and a grocery store on two occasions. However, at the point, when I began to understand and learn about my grandfather he was older, hanging out around his garage. He was well respected by the neighbors and people that walked by. He repaired cars and had his own lawnmower service that he managed out the garage. My grandfather even remodeled the basement of their home, where he worked on electronics and made custom keys, before SEARS, ?. My grandfather who had a very little formal education, but insurmountable determination, not only made a living for himself but created opportunities as a real entrepreneur all of his life.



As a young kid, I only got to see the residue of what my grandfather created. Over my years of reflection, he’d passed over a decade ago, I wondered and wished I’d asked him one question…… Grandpa, what happened? 

You see, I don’t know what happened? The thing(s) that stole his fire? I don’t understand what took place in his life. However, I have studied and still study people and culture and have concluded that somewhere for some reason he released his desire and became comfortable and after a while possibly complacent. (My grandfather has always been one of my heroes and it’s my desire to honor his efforts by exceeding in my own ventures.)

My dreams, goals, rearing and desires were so much more than where I’d arrived. I recalled that I am here on earth not only to make a difference, but to also impact the paths of many who without my love and influence would give up themselves. I realized that had to live. To begin the mental process of death in my 30′s would be insane. I decided, that I am not going to die complacent at any age. Heck, if I am going to die anyway, why not die for life! Why not die living!

One of the statements recorded by Jesus was – “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” (MSG, Jn 10:10)

Now, if I was a person of faith and I am, I would take huge offense to what is propagated through the dogma of many religions including my own. You see that statement by Jesus doesn’t say, “he came to help us exist”. It says that he came to give us “REAL and Eternal LIFE,” along with it “MORE and BETTER“, than we everDREAMED!

That’s insane! You mean to tell me that God is interested in us REALLY LIVING! Think about it, if God, the Universe, Allah or whatever you want to call him came with the express intent of helping us enjoy and really live beyond our dreams, then why in the world would we merely exist!!!!! All of heaven is at your disposal desiring and pushing for you to have LIFE!

That’s the Proper Perspective!

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